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    T he following tools are used in diamond grading: balance, tweezers, loupe, source of standard white light (lamp), ultraviolet lamp, gauge, color materstones, microscope, standard white paper, and cleaning liquid and materials.. B efore examination of a stone, its surface should be cleaned. To accomplish this, a diamond is washed with alcohol, wiped with a special cloth, or boiled in acid.

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    Medium-grain diamond is considered a general-purpose machining grade. Coarse-grain diamond is used in rough machining and in extremely abrasive materials where surface finish may not be as important. The newcomer Chemical vapor deposited (CVD) diamond is a highly abrasion-resistant, pure diamond material that uses no binder.

  • GIA Diamond Cut Grades | How Diamond Cut Affects Beauty ...

    Because Cut grade provides a single rating which weighs the combined impact of all of the factors listed above on a diamond's visual performance, it is a simple yet vital tool in evaluating a diamond. Cut grade should be a primary consideration when evaluating a diamond.

  • ASET – The Diamond Evaluation Tool – Simple and Powerful

    Of all the diamond instruments and analytical devices on the market today possibly the most valuable is the ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool). It is simple in concept, easy to use and to understand, and forms the graphical portion of the sophisticated light performance grading system used by the American Gem Society and its Laboratory.