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  • Zak Designs EZRol Garlic Peeler

    Tired of garlic peel strips under your fingernails? Try this easy-to-use garlic peeler. Just place an unpeeled clove of garlic inside, roll the peeler back and forth on a countertop, and let the peel shuck itself off. The time-consuming task of stripping every shred of peel from each clove is a chore of the past.

  • Garlic Peelers for sale | eBay

    Mtlee 4 pieces silicone garlic peeler garlic peeling tube kitchen tools, red, yellow, green and blue. Easy to use and clean: just place several pieces of garlic cloves in tube, then rub with your hands and roll back and forth, easy to clean with shaking peels out of the tube into the trash and wash it .

  • Garlic Peeler & Slicer Set - Shop | Pampered Chef US Site

    If you avoid cooking with fresh garlic because you don't like garlic-scented hands, the Garlic Peeler & Slicer Set lets you peel and slice garlic instantly, without touching raw garlic. All you have to do is pop a few cloves into the peeler and roll it over a hard surface. Voila, the peels come off like magic!