rock quarry techniques

  • Just How Did The Ancient Greeks And Romans Cut Marble?

    Easing the cutting process with water was, indeed, one technique that ancient miners used to quarry stones. Another technique, though, was to use the natural cleaves in the stone as a starting ...

  • Rock Quarry Techniques | Granite4Less Blog

    Jul 10, 2012 · Rock quarrying is prominent since the Egyptian era and since then many advancements are made on its extraction procedures and equipments. If you take a look on the history of rock quarrying then you will find that every era of civilization used different techniques and set of equipments for rock quarrying. Rock Quarry Techniques in Egyptian Era!

  • Stones of Northeastern U.S. - Quarry - Sawing Stone

    Quarry, Proctor, Vermont" ... The basic technique for sawing stone has been known since ancient times. A slurry of water and sand is fed between a flat toothless metal blade (copper or iron) and the blade is moved back and forth. The blade grinds the sand against the surface of the stone slowly wearing a narrow channel in the stone.

  • How do I fish a very deep rock quarry? | Yahoo Answers

    Jul 30, 2010 · I am 40 miles southwest of Chicago. I found this old rock quarry full of fish. I have caught numerous 4,5, and 6 pound bass in it. I know there are 10 lb plus bass in there and I assume they are in the very deep part of the quarry. How do you fish deep (like 30-50 feet deep) water like this and catch a monster bass? What lure, tactic, etc?