distillery spent sorption

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    In one of the embodiment the present invention involves treatment of three mixtures of spent wash, black liquor and wash water from paper mill, where the ratio of these mixture of spent wash:black liquor:wash water ranges between 50-200:200-400:150-300.

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    Distillery Spent Wash: This is a liquid waste generated during alco­hol production,which confers unpleasant odours for waste water, posing a serious threat to water quality. Disposal of distillery spent wash on land is moreover hazardous to the veg­etation, since it reduces soil alkalinity and manganese availability, thus inhibiting seed regeneration.

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    Biocompost from sugar distillery effluent: effect on metribuzin degradation, sorption and mobility. Authors. Neera Singh. ... Impact of Spent Mushroom Substrates on the Fate of Pesticides in Soil, and Their Use for Preventing and/or Controlling Soil and Water Contamination: A .