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  • How To Make Wooden Shutters

    Since I use my workshop to make video, I thought it would be a good opportunity to make wooden blinds to block out the daylight that can making filming problematic. A few years ago, at my old house, I made blinds very similar to these, but they had the control rod in the middle of the slat and it ...

  • 7 Creative Curtain Rods You Can Make: DIY Ways to ...

    Cut a doorknob set in half, and push each knob into a plastic plug of a curtain rod you've wrapped with ribbon. (You may need to carefully enlarge the plug openings with a drill.) Replay gallery

  • How to Make Curtain Rings Slide Better | eHow

    Curtain rings that stick and balk make opening and closing your curtain a trial. Tugging and yanking on the curtain can damage your window coverings or break the curtain rings. Defeat those balky curtain rings by smoothing the surface of the rod and providing a slick pathway for them to glide across.