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    Ball transfer strips have a durable chrome-plated finish. 1" diameter balls are mounted on 3-¼" centers and offer 75 lb. capacity per ball. Vestil Single Ball Transfer Support Balls can be easily mounted to create your own ball transfer platform. 1" diameter support ball is mounted in a hardened cup with a protective debris shield for a lifetime of service.

  • Benefits of Hardened Steel Plates | Security Plates

    Liberty uses two (2) types of hardplates-triple layered (Franklin and below) and ball-bearing (Lincoln and above). BENEFITS of HARDENED STEEL PLATES. Hardplates protect the lock and mechanism from drilling or punching. Liberty installs these anti drill plates with one of the following two methods:

  • Types of Special Plates in Indiana (Customized & More ...

    License plates are available for institutions such as: Ball State University. Indiana State University. Purdue University. St. Mary's College. Valparaiso University. A complete list of collegiate plates is provided on the Indiana BMV website. You'll pay fees for a college plates when you order the plate AND renew the plate.

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    The more common ball casters material types include polyurethane, polyolefin, and nylon. Ball casters can have a plate or stem mounting system. Some types of ball casters have rigid or swivel mechanics, and may come with or without a brake or lock. Ball casters have various load capacities, wheel diameters, and wheel tread widths.

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    These ball casters are designed for flat, hard, smooth flooring surfaces such as concrete (basement/garage floors), wood, vinyl, linoleum, and even tile, if the grout lines are narrow. They will roll OK on carpeting, if the pile is less than 1/4 inch, such as on outdoor carpeting.

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    Velan is a world leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel gate, globe, check, ball, triple-offset butterfly, knife gate, highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

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    Starting in the 1990s, with the popularization of the Arca-Swiss B-1 ballhead, many other companies began producing plates and including Arca-Swiss style (sometimes referred to as arca-type) receivers on their tripod heads.

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    ball catch 38. bullet catch 4. cabin hook 27. cabinet latch 77. chest latch 4. clear bumpers 5. concealed hinge 2. door bumper 6. door bumper adapter mounting plate 4. drawer opener 1. elbow catch 5. foam bumpers 2. gate catches/latches 3. glass door strike 3. latch hook 20. magnetic catch 49. magnetic key 1. magnetic strip 12. push knob with ...

  • Floating Ball Valves

    The stem is made by cold rolling and stem surface fi nish is Ra=0.4, to ensure the seal. The stuffi ng box surface is Ra=1.6 for better sealing performance. Solid Ball The solid ball used by BFE provides straight through fl ow and real full-port performance characteristics.

  • What is Arca-Swiss Quick Release System?

    The Arca-Swiss quick release system is based on a two piece mechanism. The first piece, generally referred to as a "plate", is attached to a camera or a lens (or any other device). It comes in a standard, "arca-style" 35mm wide form with a 45° dovetail and can vary in length (a sample plate is illustrated above to the right of the tripod head).

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    Plate type: Modular – doesn't come with QR plate The Novoflex Classic Ball 3 II is a titanium super-strong ball head. There are a couple of unique differences to this ball head that make it a spectacular option in the high-end market, especially when paired with the Novoflex macro equipment.

  • Tripod head - Wikipedia

    Starting in the 1990s, with the popularization of the Arca-Swiss B-1 ballhead, many other companies began producing plates and including Arca-Swiss style (sometimes referred to as arca-type) receivers on their tripod heads.

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    Wheel bearing seals are dynamic type seals that must seal between rotating axle hubs and stationary spindles or axle housing. Most use a synthetic rubber lip seal encased in metal. The lip is often held in contact with the moving part with the aid of a garter spring

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    Most Arca-style quick release plates can be used on Sirui ball heads. Sirui G-20KX Ball Head. Sirui G-20X Ball Head - Quick Release Plate - Pouch -Allen Key - Adorama 1 .

  • Operation and Maintenance of different valve types

    available where a few main types prevail. Most commonly used are plate valves, ring type valves and poppet valves. Depending on the application different types could be used for a recip compressor. Valve designs and their performance and maintenance will be compared in the following chapters.

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    This item Ultra Hardware 61763 Closet Door Ball Catch Prime-Line N 7331 Drive-In Ball Catch w/Strike, 3/4 in. x 1-3/16 in., Diecast, Brass Plated JQK Closet Door Ball Catch Hardware, Stainless Steel Catch Adjustable with Strike Plate, Brushed Satin Finish 2 Pack, HBC100-P2