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    Apr 17, 2016 · 6" wheels seems a little odd. 7" Dia with a 1.25" center hole is more common in the class of machine I think you're after. Of course, there are bigger ones. You might want to check at MSC to see what wheels appropriate for surface grinders are available in 6". You'll need to know the hole diameter. There are many analogies between lathes and SG's.

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    Sears has all the grinders and grinding accessories you need to keep your workshop in its best condition. A bench grinder stand will place your grinder at the perfect working height. It'll give you a solid base to work on that won't tip over. The base can be secured to the floor so you'll have a stable surface.

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    We're grinders. Just give us the tolerances and requirements and we'll get to work. You'll get the precision-ground materials that you make into awesome things. We have to do our job well so that you can do yours well -- and you can count on us to deliver.

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    We carry grinders in a variety of styles including bench, cylindrical, belt and surface designs. Each machine is available with a range of options so you can easily find the right solution for your grinding and buffing applications.

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    We offer the following Rebuild & Retrofit Services: Blanchard Magnetic Chuck Rebuild. Blanchard surface grinders utilize a magnetic chuck to hold workpieces for grinding. Over the years, your magnetic chuck will lose its ability to effectively hold workpieces. This .

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    Grinders are typically used to shape concrete surfaces that won't be visible once the project is installed. We use grinders to remove concrete on the underside of a countertop section but don't use them on the top surface. Grinders are often confused with polishers, but in reality are very different tools.

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    Oct 28, 2016 · Even when opening the dust shield to get close to the base board there was hardly any dust escaping. We run bags in all our vacuums which helps from clogging up the filter and maximizing the suction while in use. I looked around and did some research on a few other surface grinders that were priced slightly higher than the .