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    The cement uses only 15-30% of OPC clinker, 30-40% of steel-slag and 40-50% of blastfurnace slag (BFS), allowing for great reductions in GHG emissions, consumption of natural resources and energy use by between 70% and 85%.

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    Welcome to Cement Junction ... This cement is produced by inter-grinding of Ordinary Portland Cement clinker with higher strength. Portland Slag Cement (PSC) Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is created with a combination of 50 percent slag, 45 percent clinker and 5 percent gypsum.

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    Cement clinker dust (CKD) is a problematic waste derived from the cement industry which may cause some problems in clinkering kiln operations and cement performance. CDW has to be discarded despite its hydraulic properties due to high content of chlorine, sulphur and alkalis.

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    Newly established in begin in gof 2012, DongSon soon become the Vietnam 's leading EXPORTER with main concentration on cement, DongSon offers quality clinker, cement and raw materials with competitive prices and five-star services. With all features above, Our cement factories meet standards as the best cement products in the market.

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    It is no longer produced because cement produced from ordinary clinker and ground granulated blast furnace slag has excellent low heat properties. White Clinker It contains 76% alite, 15% belite, 7% tricalcium aluminate, no tetracalcium aluminoferrite, and 2% free lime, but .