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  • Appliance Standards Rulemakings and Notices

    Note: All efficiency values are at 50 percent of nameplate-rated load, determined according to the DOE Test-Procedure. 10 CFR Part 431, Subpart K, Appendix A. The efficiency of a medium-voltage dry-type distribution transformer manufactured on or after January 1, 2010, shall be no less than that required for their kVA and BIL rating in the table below.

  • Technical specifications for motors - European Commission

    Aim of the meeting was to discuss, work together and come up with technical specifications, market potential and potential bidders for energy efficient motors. Motor was chosen because it is considered as a cross-cutting product which is used for operating different machines such as .

  • Technical Specifications - PV Technology

    The Technical Specifications to be considered can be directly identified from the PV module datasheet include: ... Another important technical parameter associated with the thermal operation of a PV module is the Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT). ... Variance in photovoltaic efficiency has been presented by manufacturers stating ...


    efficiency and allocative efficiency and size was found to be significantly negative. Bailey et al. (1989), who estimated technical, allocative and economic efficiency on a sample of Ecuadorian dairy farms, also found a positive relationship between size and technical efficiency. In contrast to the New