aztec sandstone views

  • Little Finland, Nevada

    Amazingly intricate and varied formations of deep red Aztec sandstone, in remote, desert surroundings near the northern tip of Lake Mead. Reached by a 4WD road, or a cross-country hike that passes other eroded rocks, in a greater range of colors.

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    Triassic Moenkopi and Chinle Fms including Shinarump Conglomerate (Cgl) Member of the Chinle, and Jurassic Moenave/Kayenta crop out locally in the Park. Aztec Sandstone is the principal sedimentary rock in the Park; is overlain locally by Cretaceous Willow Tank and Baseline Fms.

  • Climate, Water Table, and Sedimentary Controls on the ...

    Jurassic Aztec Sandstone of eolian origin at Valley of Fire State Park, southern Nevada. At its maximum, the bed is 3.0 meters thick and is composed mostly of broken, folded, wavy, and flat laminae of mudstone, very fine-grained sandstone, and dolomitic limestone.

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    The Lower Jurassic Aztec Sandstone is an aeolian-deposited quartzose sandstone that represents the western margin of the southerly-migrating Navajo-Nugget sand sea (or erg). Vertical and lateral facies relations suggest that the erg margin encroached upon volcanic highlands, alluvial fan, .