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  • New Zealand Tree Seeds – NZSEEDS

    We stock New Zealand's largest and most extensive range of native plant seeds, we also stock a range of popular New Zealand exotic tree and shrub species. We market our seeds directly to seed merchants, propagators, nurseries and home and draw the fat native pigeons or a 'street lot' of Pohutakawa 'Maori Princess' or 'Maungapiko' for a subdivision planting, there is a good chance that Black Bridge will have just what you are looking for.

  • Native Plants (New Zealand) | Many Answers

    Māori food (kai) and medicine (rongōa) Koromiko is the Māori name given to several New Zealand native plants formerly belonging to the hebe group of plants. As well as being widely used for garden plantings and revegetation projects, koromiko's most common use .

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    Aug 13, 2019 · Join the Trees That Count community. We're counting the native trees planted throughout New Zealand, and helping Kiwis to plant more. Together, we can all make an impact on climate change and improve our environment.

  • Native Plant List — South Carolina Wildlife Federation

    Native Plants Valuable to Wildlife TREES – Evergreen 50' + American Holly, Ilex opaca - Fruits eaten by Bluebird, robin, Mockingbird, larvae plant for Henry's Elfin Butterfly Cabbage Palmetto, Sabal palmetto, SC State Tree - Fruits eaten by Robins and raccoons Eastern Hemlock, Tsuga canadensis - Fruits eaten by many birds, nesting cover Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus iana - Fruits ...

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    Located in Christchurch, we specialise in supplying healthy, hardy plants for a wide range of projects across New Zealand. These include native revegetation plantings, landscaping, forestry, fruit and nut trees, as well as ornamental trees and shrubs for around the house.

  • New Zealand Tree Register

    The New Zealand Tree Register A project of the New Zealand Notable Trees Trust (NZNTT) Welcome to the New Zealand Tree Register. Some of New Zealand's greatest treasures are its trees. From our iconic native species to the colourful exotic trees that grace our parks and gardens, New Zealand's trees are as spectacular as they are varied.

  • List of trees native to New Zealand - Wikipedia

    There is a wide variety of native trees, adapted to all the various micro-climates in New Zealand. The native bush ranges from the subtropical kauri forests of the northern North Island, temperate rainforests of the West Coast, the alpine forests of the Southern Alps and Fiordland to the coastal forests of the Abel Tasman National Park and the Catlins.

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    New Zealand has about 14 endemic species of Pseudopanax shrubs and trees. They display a wide range of foliage and form, which makes them superb garden and landscaping plants, as well as many of them being suitable for pot and tub culture. Most are quite hardy and tolerate a .

  • Pictures of New Zealand Native

    New Zealand native woods. kauri, rimu, totara, mangrove, tawa, and many more. These photos were taken at The Gumstore Bar and Grill in Totara North, Whangaroa. This was the trading post for bushmen and kauri gum diggers in the 1890's.

  • Maori names of Native

    Trees (New Zealand Native) Metrosideros hybrids & cultivars with photos . Trees (New Zealand Native) Pittosporum hybrids & cultivars with photos . Trees (New Zealand Native) Pseudopanax hybrids & cultivars with photos . Weeds & Escapee Plants: A to F (Common names with photo) .

  • Native plants and animals – overview – Te Ara Encyclopedia ...

    Story: Native plants and animals – overview New Zealand has 6,000 known species of beetle and almost as many fungi, but just two land mammals, both bats. There are giant snails and tree daisies, flightless birds and 1,000-year-old trees – but few reptiles.

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    Evergreen shrub, endemic to New Zealand, but rare in the wild. The pinnately compound, 15-25 cm long leaves resemble those of another New Zealand native plant, the kowhai (Sophora species). Drooping, 8 cm long, red flowers, shaped somewhat like the New Zealand native parrot's (kaka's) beak.

  • Pine forest natives | New Zealand Geographic

    Not only are pine forests a haven for common New Zealand native plants, they are home to a number of endangered or threatened species. For example, the na­tive woodrose ( Dactylanthus taylorii ), a bat-pollinated parasitic plant that grows on the roots of sub-canopy trees (see NZ Geographic, Issue 6), has been found in a pine forest in north Taranaki.

  • 1. – Conifers – Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

    Origins. There is debate as to whether New Zealand's conifers are direct descendants of plants that grew on the supercontinent Gondwana, over 85 million years ago, or are more recent arrivals from Australia and New Caledonia. New Zealand has conifer fossils from Cretaceous times (63–80 million years ago),...

  • New Zealand Tree Seeds – NZSEEDS

    We stock New Zealand's largest and most extensive range of native plant seeds, we also stock a range of popular New Zealand exotic tree and shrub species. We market our seeds directly to seed merchants, propagators, nurseries and home gardeners around the world.

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