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    profile coke oven gas (COG) emissions, we set up an open-path Fourier transform infrared (OP-FTIR) system on top of a battery of coke ovens at a steel mill located in Southern Taiwan and monitored average emissions in a coke processing area for 16.5 hr. Nine COGs were identi-fied, including ammonia, CO, methane, ethane, ethylene,

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    COKE-OVEN GAS. Coke-oven gas is a fuel gas having a medium calorific value that is produced during the manufacture of metallurgical coke by heating bituminous coal to temperatures of 900°C to 1000°C in a chamber from which air is excluded. The main constituents are, by volume, about 50% hydrogen, 30% methane and 3% higher hydrocarbons,...

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    coke Oven Gas Processing Equipment Coke (fuel) Wikipedia Coke is a grey, hard, and porous fuel with a high carbon content and few impurities, made by heating coal or oil in the absence of air — a destructive distillation process.

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    Olefins are a class of chemicals such as ethylene, propylene & butylene. They are the building blocks for a products such as plastics, rubbers & solvents.

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    During the coking period, the ends of the coking chamber are closed by refractory-lined doors, which are constructed to completely seal the ends of the ovens. Typical dimensions of a coke oven are 6 to 22 feet in height, 30 to 52 feet in length, and 12 to 22 inches in width.

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    Apr 23, 2002 · In handling and processing the gases driven off during the coking process, fouling of the handling and processing equipment often limits run time for the equipment between shut downs for cleaning. The coke oven gases from the coke oven are at high temperatures, often about 800° C.

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    Westran Thermal Processing, LLC also sells custom ovens and conveyor ovens, plus other thermal processing equipment under the brand Infratrol and manufactures and designs industrial ovens and other thermal processing equipment on a private-label basis.

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    Coke oven gas (COG) is a point of high interest to enhance energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in the steel industry [2,3,5,6]. COG is a by-product of coal carbonisation to coke which is co-generated in the coking process [7]. In spite of the