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  • Alligator | Line 6 Blog

    Recently, I did a presentation at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California. Part of my presentation was on the Alligator, the new 3-band rhythmic gating effect in Reason 6.. Afterward, a music producer (working constantly for various television programs) told me, "Man, when you were demonstrating Alligator, I kept hearing 'ch-ching, ch-ching, ch-ching!' in my mind as I imagined ...

  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service American Alligator

    American Alligator Alligator mississippiensis A member of the crocodile family, the ... which time they are about 6 to 7 feet long. From then on, growth continues at a slower rate. Old males may grow ... this reason, the Fish and Wildlife Service continues to protect the

  • Reason 6 Micro Tutorial: Alligator Triple Filter Gate

    Reason 6, shipping 30th September 2011, introduces three new creative effect devices: Pulveriser, Alligator, and The Echo.In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to gate effects done "Alligator style" and show you a few ways to use them in your own music, regardless of what genre you make.

  • American Alligator | National Geographic

    The American alligator is a rare success story of an endangered animal not only saved from extinction but now thriving. State and federal protections, habitat preservation efforts, and reduced demand for alligator products have improved the species' wild population to .

  • Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches ...

    Elenco TL-6 Alligator Lead Set, 10-Piece, 14 inches ... Of the ones that do work, they only work if you're careful, they're hard to clip on compared to other alligator clips I've used. The reason is that they are poorly designed in my opinion. When you squeeze the lever they .