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    After the cow is moved into the crush, the rear gate is placed against the back of the animal hydraulically. The standard crush is equipped with a rump chain, which is stretched tightly behind the animal and secured on the right hand side. 2 Electrical connection cable .

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    Claw treatment on cattle, hand-served and hydraulic, Wopa Claw Treatment Netherlands

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    SA0022 Hoof treatment crush Crush through which cows can walk in at the back and walk out at the front. When treatment is finished the front gate can be opened by using a pedal.

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    CowCare SIA is a leading suppliers of hoof trimming crushes in Europe and delivers worldwide. Visit our shop for hoof trimming products and tools.

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    Wopa Mobile® Cattle Crush | VeeHof. Wopa Mobile® Cattle Crush $ 7,97500 + GST, All Wopa Cattle Crushes include specially designed back chain catch This gives you the ability to exit a cow through the back, instead of through the head bail by being able to release the chain, even with pressure on it from the cow 【Get More】

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    Capable of 35+ cows from a single charge, this Crush offers a level of flexibility over its competitors. The Cowcare Electric Foot-Trimming Crush has an in-built battery charger which couples to the mains through a simple 13amp plug.

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    Mar 26, 2013 · hi, Yes I have spent a fair bit of time over the past six weeks looking for the right foot trimming crush, and I did look at the HTL crush, I settled on a Galloway Cattle Care crush, it arrived last week, and is more than half the price of the HTL, I am really pleased with it, the only thing I am going to change is the width of the belly strap, it's just a little narrow, but other than that, I ...

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    Wopa 51 contractors crush. Wopa maintenance manual. hydraulic kick plates. good crush and ready for work. heavy duty electric reel. hydraulic lift system. hydraulic back bar. call for more details. Wopa 51 Hydraulic Hoof Trimming Crush | eBay

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    Aug 21, 2019 · Veehof is the sole importer and distributor of the award-winning WOPA Cattle Crush for New Zealand and Australia. The WOPA Cattle Crush are internationally r...