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    Artist: George Jones Song: Open Pit Mine G C G From Morenci, Arizona where the copper mines glow G G I could see Clifton in the canyon below G C G In Clifton lived Rosey, we danced and we di

  • Ultimate Pit Size Selection, Where Is The Optimum Point?

    Jun 11, 2019 · A major step in open pit mine planning and design is to define ultimate expansion of the mine, often called final or ultimate pit. When it comes to final pit selection there is usually more than one option to choose from. Most deposits support a range of pit sizes that all are technically mineable and economically profitable.

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    open pit mine by George Jones C Am C From Morenci, Arizona where the copper mines glow C Am C I could see Clifton in the canyon below C Am C In Clifton lived Rosey, we danced and we dined C G C On the money I made in the open pit mine.C Am C I loved my sweet Rosey and she loved me too C Am C There was nothin' for Rosey that I wouldn't do C AM C Her hugs and her kisses they were something ...

  • Using the Lerchs-Grossman algorithm during open pit mine ...

    Nov 18, 2012 · This is a video showing how to get an optimum pit shell in DesignXL given the blockmodel and the face angle constraints. ... Using the Lerchs-Grossman algorithm during open pit .

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    Sep 26, 2013 · The deepest open pit mines are scattered geographically across the world unlike the deepest underground mines, which are mostly concentrated in South Africa. The majority of the deepest open pit operations in the world are copper producing mines. Mining-technology profiles the .

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    Based on the characteristics of the open pit production, considering mining resources, mining conditions, the price of minerals products, costs of mining and ore dressing, and other factors, a software system named SmartMiner Software System is applied to optimize an open pit coal mine depending on the concept of optimization of ultimate pit ...

  • Ultimate Pit Limit Design

    In open pit mine planning, the design of the most profitable ultimate pit limit is a prerequisite to developing a feasible mining sequence. Presently, the design of an ultimate pit is achieved through a computer program in most of the mining companies. 3-D block model is commonly applied to represent geologic and economic information of an orebody.

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    At the end of life of a mine, angle of the line joining from Crest to the Toe with horizontal is called uptimate pit slope angle. At the last stage or end of mine life, ultimate pit slope should be steep as possible to extract maximum amount of or...

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    The ultimate pit limit is the maximum value pit resulting from the mining of ore and waste blocks under the assumption that all mining could be done in one period. That is, the solution to the problem (2.1) subject to (2.7) with T = 1 and (2.9).

  • Open-Pit Block-Sequencing Formulations: A Tutorial

    an open-pit production-scheduling model, also called the open-pit block-sequencing (OPBS) problem. At the strategic level, the ultimate pit limit (UPL) problem, based on the seminal work of Lerchs and Grossmann (1965), provides a solution for the ultimate pit limit contours of a deposit with the objective of maximiz-ing total profit.