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    Magnetsfrom Safety Lifting. Visit this page to browse our comprehensive range of Magnets.

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    A lifting magnet or magnet lifter as they are sometimes referred to as is a piece of lifting equipment that is designed for lifting ferro-magnetic materials such as steel. Steel is produced from a mix of several metals, producing an alloy; the main ones being iron, nickel and manganese, these substances and their compounds are ferro- magnetic .

  • Eriez - Lifting Magnets

    Circular Lifting Magnets. Eriez' Circular Lifting Magnets are general-purpose magnets with many applications: in steel mills, steel service centers, ball mills; for furnace charging and other material-handling jobs. The design provides a 75-percent duty cycle with a high lift-to-weight ratio.

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    Using lifting magnets is a quick, easy and efficient method of handling and moving large ferrous loads. Our range of Technomagnete magnetic lifters use permanent, switchable magnetic technology (no electricity required) and are European-made and tested to .

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    MagnaLift and Power-Grip are brands owned by Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc. Contact them today for inquires and quote requests for battery powered and electric lifting magnets for industry. Spare part support, repair services and annual certifications are available also.

  • Guidance on the safe use of magnetic lifting devices

    Association and the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association. The equipment 4 Electrically operated magnetic lifting devices, in the form of a single magnet or a group of magnets suspended from chains or wires or attached to lifting equipment in another way, can be used for lifting

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    Powerful industrial magnets and suction cup lifters from Grainger help lift metal and glass objects easily. Whether you're lifting 25 lb. or 3,600 lb. ferrous metal items, you'll find a ceramic, neodymium, electromagnetic or rare earth lifting magnet that can help.

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    American way of magnetism. Founded in 1992, Tecnomagnete U.S. is devoted to serve our American customers. Located in the automotive capital of North America, our 18-people local team is ready to satisfy any special need or service problem in a quick and efficient way.

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    Eclipse Magnetics' lifting and handling systems are based on fail-safe magnetic technology . which delivers world class results. Ideal for applications ranging from light pick and place equipment to heavy steel stock movement, magnetic lifting is the most efficient solution for handling ferrous loads.

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    These compact yet powerful Rare Earth lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release on/off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. Permanent magnetic lifts eliminate the fear of dropping the load being lifted due to power failures.

  • Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Lift Magnet Testing

    Our Lift Magnet Testing and Certification Service performs both a thorough visual inspection and functional testing of your magnetic lifting products using testing techniques and equipment that meet or exceed the ASME B30.20 Standards for Below-the-Hook Magnetic Lifting Devices.

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    Magnetool is a manufacturer of permanent and electromagnetic material handling devices, demagnetizers, controls, and repairs.

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    Let us get your equipment certified by respective safety department and lift safely. High efficieny at low costs With our in-house industrial and electrical engineering expertise, all equipment is designed, manufactured and fabricated under one roof.

  • Magnetic Lifter 300KG - 660 Lbs Lifting Magnet

    It has a self locking safety feature so the handle will not accidently be knocked off during a lift. The magnet adhesion will hold constant during a lift as well as over time. There is a heavy duty shackle on the top of the lifter for attaching your hoisting device. NOTE: PLEASE READ THE DIAGRAM IN THE PICTURES TO MAKE SURE THIS LIFTER WILL ...