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    Pepper Annex is Crystal Lake's premiere hair salon and dry bar offering hair cuts, colors, highlights, keratin smoothing treatments, waxing services, and more. Not only do we provide quality hair treatments, we are also Green Circle Certified and recycle 95 percent of our daily waste. Make an appointment today!

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    Quality, a family tradition since 1911. Culpepper Cleaners is a family-owned and operated dry cleaning business that has served the San Antonio area for over 70 years. We have a long history of consistently providing the best possible care of your garments to ensure that you always look your best.

  • Pepper Growing Problems and Solutions - Harvest to Table

    Best tips on How to Grow Peppers. Here is a troubleshooting list of possible pepper problems with control and cure suggestions. (Pepper growing success tips are at the bottom of this post.) Common Pepper Growing Problems: Seedlings are cut off near the soil surface. Cutworms are gray or brown grubs that hide in the soil by day and feed at night.

  • Jalapeño Corking - Tips For Harvesting Jalapeños

    Additionally, the skin of a corked jalapeño may be slightly thicker, which really has no bearing on its quality at all. In other parts of the world and to the true pepper aficionado, slight jalapeño skin cracking is actually a desirable quality and may even garner a higher price than its unmarked siblings.

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  • Peppers: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy

    Frozen peppers will maintain their quality for 9 months. DRYING PEPPERS Peppers can be sun-dried, air-dried, or dehydrated in a home dehydrator or oven. The finished product can be crumbled or powdered in a blender to use as a flavor-ing or coloring in many foods. Soak dried peppers in water to rehydrate them for use in casseroles.

  • Chili peppers nutrition facts and health benefits

    On the Scoville scale, a sweet bell pepper scores 0, a jalapeño pepper around 2,500-4,000 units, and Mexican habañeros may have 200,000 to 500,000 units. Inside, each chili fruit pod features numerous tiny, white, or cream colored, circular, flat seeds which clinging on to the central white-placenta.

  • Types Of Hot Peppers - Learn About The Best Peppers For ...

    Hot Peppers for Sauce. Pasilla chili peppers are really interesting. They are dried chilaca peppers known as pasilla bajio or chile negro when fresh. Eight to ten inches long, this pepper's heat index ranges from 250 all the way up to 3,999 Scovilles. So, these peppers range from mild to medium.

  • Sichuan Peppercorn | China Sichuan Food

    Usually, fresh green pepper or red pepper is simmered with oil over really slow fire for around 1 hour so the oil absorbs the fragrance of the peppercorns. Sichuan peppercorn is used in many other mixed spices or seasonings include Chinese five spice powder and my favorite Sichuan style hot pot seasonings.

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