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    At present, recovery of zircon from beach sand and red sediments of badlands topography is a priority due to high demand of zircon for industrial applications.


    avoid recombination or to reduce it to minimum levels, the mixture must be quenched rapidly. As a result, it produces crystals of zirconium oxide in amorphous silica. Further leaching with sulphuric acid is necessary to produce a zirconium sulphate solution and insoluble silica [12]. For leaching, sodium hydroxide can also be used.

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    In addition, overseas major zircon miners are constantly reducing or halting production, resulting in gradual decline for the supply in the overall market. Thus, we think that the tight supply for zircon sand will last for some time in the Chinese market. Iluka, RBM of Rio Tinto and Tronox are major suppliers for zircon sand in the world.

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    Zircon Sand . Zircon Gem Rough: Stream-rounded crystals of zircon from an alluvial deposit in Australia. Although brown zircon is not highly marketable, much of it can be altered to a rich blue color by heating in a reducing atmosphere to between 9 degrees Celsius.

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    In this study, to decompose zircon sand, NaOH was chosen as a fluxing agent due to the fact that the decomposition reaction is occurred at a lower temperature than in the case of Na 2 CO 3 or CaCO 3 addition. About 1 mol zircon (industrial grade) was mixed with 4 mol NaOH pellets (Merck) in agat mortar.

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