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    That's it. Once you're there and still want more speed, that's when choosing the right impeller brand comes into play. With the aftermarket performance impellers, They are designed for a certain engine combination. You want to go with their recommended impeller pitch for a stock engine or modified.

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    An axial flow pump has a propeller-type of impeller running in a casing.The pressure in an axial flow pump is developed by the flow of liquid over the blades of impeller. The fluid is pushed in a direction parallel to the shaft of the impeller, that is, fluid particles, in course of their flow through the pump, do not change their radial locations.

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    • Overhung Impeller Type: The impeller is mounted on the end of a shaft which is "overhung" from its bearing supports. Example: –Close Coupled pumps where the impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft –Separately coupled or frame mounted where the impeller is mounted on a separate pump shaft supported by its own bearings.

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    Flexible impeller pump working principle. Flexible impeller pumps, also known as flexible vane pumps, are a form of positive displacement pump. The positive displacement family move fluid from the suction inlet by essentially trapping a specific amount of the fluid and then forcing it round into the outlet.

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