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  • While sitting in a moving bus, if we throw a ball upwards ...

    The same idea applies on the bus. If the bus is moving at a constant velocity (a constant speed in the same direction), everything on the bus seems to be unmoving, including you and the ball in your hand. That's because you and the ball and the seat you're sitting on all have the same velocity as the bus.

  • A juggler is strolling along a moving walkway wh -INMEZ

    Oct 26, 2016 · A juggler is strolling along a moving walkway while tossing a ball vertically upward to a height of 3.60 m. The juggler strolls at a constant velocity of+1.20 m/s with respect to the walkway, which moves at a constant velocity of +0.50 m/s with respect to the ground.

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  • Toronto Pearson FAST Moving Walkway - YouTubeClick to view2:16

    Aug 05, 2017 · In the beginning of the video it shows the walkway moving very slow to save energy when no one is using it. When I step on, the walkway speeds up to the operating speed. ACCEL TurboTrack