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    Denim washing Process ... TYPES OF DENIM WASH. Denim washes are of following two type :– ... Aluminum sand or silicon sand, Al 2 (SiO 4) 3, is than taken in the chamber of the blasting machine. Sand and compressed air is than sprayed over the garments at specific points by hand spray pipe.

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    Denim Wet Processing, we offer all types of wash, including prewash, stonewash, bleached wash, enzyme washes, antique, sandblasting finishes and more. Hytex started operating in 1981 as a company that does contract silkscreen printing in a rented shop-house.

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    Nowadays along with denim washing knit garments such as T-shirt, Polo shirt, and trouser, are washed by using different techniques as follows: enzymes wash, softener wash, Silicone wash, tie dye ...

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    This premium "Slim Fit" denim is a classic 5 pocket with a custom half black vintage and half blue stone wash with tapered legs and inside leg zippers. The 12oz Japanese Denim is 98% cotton and 2% lycra.

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    Sep 15, 2017 · Silicon wash: Effect: To get a slippery, soft and oily hand feel on the garments. Process: Silicon softener is used in the wash machine. Advantages: Silicon is a stable softener, which means it will not go away after home laundry wash. Disadvantages: No disadvantages, but slightly more expensive than garments wash. Stone wash:

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    Flow Chart of Enzyme Wash: The steps of denim enzyme washing are shown as follows: Loading of garments ↓ De-sizing ↓ Rinse (Two times) ↓ Addition of enzyme ↓ Adjusting PH for Acid Cellulase or enzyme (4.5-5.5) by adding Acetic acid (CH3COOH). ↓ Required temperature kept for different enzyme ↓ Tumbling for 30-60 minutes (depending on shade) ↓

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    Denim Whiskering Process. Garments are mounted on balloons and filled with air to get whisker impressions. The garment is scrubbed over the pattern carefully with sand paper on engraved pattern lines. This operation requires highly skilled labour who can handle uniformity and sequence in .

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    Introduction of different washing methods (include general wash, stone wash, sand wash, enzyme wash, pigment wash, acid wash, silicone wash, denim wash etc.) Classification of enzymes for garment washing; Factors affect garment washing effect (include temperature, pH, time, fastness of dyes, chemicals etc.) Denim washing: Denim production

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    Mar 01, 2016 · Softener silicon wash: In case of silicon wash we used softener and silicon together. Here, we used silicon for surface slipper and softener for soft of cellulose. As a result, we can get both handfeel and softness for the garment. The softener can be cationic and nonionic.

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    Ø Acid enzyme is used for medium /light shade Enzyme wash of denim skirt because it comes enzyme effect quickly than neutral enzyme. 38. Write Desizing process of twill Long Pant for Enzyme wash.