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    Calcite is an important mineral for many industrial purposes. It is commonly used in the construction industry, especially for cementation. Other industrial purposes include the production of various metals, glass and rubber. There are also many important chemicals made with .

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    A collection of Calcite mineral specimens from Mid-Continent mine, Cherokee Co., Oklahoma, United States, Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia, Yaogangxian mi Calcite Mineral Specimens for Sale .

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    Calcite Powder is a natural form of Calcium Carbonate with extremely high whiteness, purity and free flowing in nature. White Calcite Powder is widely used in plastics as filler, due to its high dispersibility, low oil absorption, high impact resistance, smooth surface finish, easy processing, compatibility with polymers and other organic additives and excellent dimensional stability.

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    The Mineral CALCITE. The crystals of calcite can form literally a thousand different shapes by combining the basic forms of the positive rhombohedron, negative rhombohedron, steeply, moderately and slightly inclined rhombohedrons, various scalahedrons, prism and pinacoid to name a .

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    The properties of calcite make it one of the most widely used minerals. It is used as a construction material, abrasive, agricultural soil treatment, construction aggregate, pigment, pharmaceutical and more. It has more uses than almost any other mineral. Calcite in the form of .

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    Buy Calcite. It is one of the more common minerals but has many varieties that can form thousands of different shapes. Calcite comes from the family of limestone and marble. Due to its smoothness it is usually faceted for mineral collectors. The specimens section has some amazing pieces that show how many forms this gemstone can take.

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    Calcite is a sedimentary mineral. Buy calcite crystal in a variety of price-ranges to suit your budget.

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    Let us know if we can assist you in selling your mineral collection. We also can help if you want to sell your fossil collection. I'm particularly interested if you want to sell Tourmaline, Fluorite, Rhodochrosite, Beryl, Heliodor, Morganite, among others. I would like to buy .

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