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    Substitutes for Dutch Process Cocoa. Dutch-processed cocoa powder, also called alkalized, is an unsweetened cocoa powder with alkali. The addition of the alkali neutralizes the natural acidity of cocoa. Dutch-processed cocoa powder cannot be used in recipes that call for baking soda, but can be used in recipes that call for baking powder instead....

  • Cocoa Powder 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

    Aug 10, 2018 · Health Benefits of Cocoa Powder 1. Cocoa Powder Is a Rich Source of Polyphenols. 2. High in Fiber. 3. Significant Source of Dietary Magnesium. 4. Increases HDL "Good Cholesterol" Levels. 5. Cocoa Powder Has Mood-Boosting Properties. 6. Cocoa Powder .