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    DEP's Office of Active and Abandoned Mining Operations (AAMO) oversees nearly 500 Commonwealth employees located within four Bureaus. The office is responsible for the policies and implantation of programs that regulate or minimize the impact from the extraction of .

  • Kingsgate selling Chile

    Read Next. On its website, Kingsgate describes itself as an experienced Pacific Rim gold producer, with expertise in gold exploration, development and mining. The company was listed in 1988 and started gold production at its Chatree Gold Mine in central Thailand in 2001. Since then, Chatree has produced more than 1.8 ounces...

  • Kingsgate prepares for legal challenge to mine closure

    Kingsgate has consistently disputed the findings of reports that its activities resulted in toxic leaks that affected groundwater and local paddy fields. Chatree was Thailand's biggest gold mine ...


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  • Kingsgate getting more confident on positive Chatree ...

    KINGSGATE Consolidated believes its case against the Thai government regarding the closure of the Chatree mine is strengthening such that it now intends conducting a buy-back of its shares on concerns the current share price doesn't reflect the potential upside of .

  • Kingsgate on the cusp of a return after 98pc share price ...

    Kingsgate Consolidated (ASX:KCN) shares over the past year. The future of Chatree, while still unknown, could emerge as a financial windfall for Kingsgate as it pursues the Thai government for compensation under the terms of the Australia-Thailand free trade agreement, and under the terms of .

  • Kingsgate's Thai mine a lesson in failed community management

    Partners. Kingsgate responded by arguing that "arsenic and manganese are not used or stored at the Chatree Mining operation now or at any time in its history". Indeed, it is cyanide rather than arsenic or manganese which is used to leach gold from ore.