cement plant algorithm

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    BATCHING PLANT LAYOUT Batching is the process of weighing and introducing the raw materials (cement, aggregates, water and admixtures) into the mixer for a batch of concrete. There are three methods of supplying aggregates in batching plants which include (1) dragline system (star pattern); (2) feeder system (linear model); (3) hybrid system (including drag line and conveyor belt).

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    has been found for the CAP applied to the cement plant case making use of an optimization algorithm and capturing 85.2% of the emitted CO 2. Higher temperatures (> 45°C) are found in the CO 2 absorber of the CAP when applied to cement plant-like flue gas conditions in comparison to the power plant case (< 40°C), requiring a lower

  • Algorithms for Raw Material Dosage Control for Cement .

    any cement plant, using fuzzy logics. If we use this principle it allows us to keep the chemical composition as constant as possible, in order to produce quality cement, without any composition variation. Besides the classical methods, the algorithm we propose is simple, it does not need any expensive hardware, and it is easy to implement it to any