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  • Conveyor Transfer Chute - Mineral Processing & Metallurgy

    The design of this chute is very important. If the conveying system is to operate correctly the ore must he put onto the very centre of each belt. If it doesn't land properly the belt will begin to wander and spillage will have to be cleaned up. When you look into a chute you will notice a lip that runs around the bottom of the chute.

  • Designing a Conveyor System

    Chutes should be so arranged that the material falls directly on the bottom wall of the chute and not directly on to the belt. The material should slide on to the belt midway between two of the troughing idlers. Skirt plates should be 4 to 8 feet long and spaced about ½ to ¾ of the width of the belt apart, being wider at discharge than at ...

  • About the WEBA Chute Conveyor Belt Systems

    As the pioneer of the WEBA Transfer Chute System, transfer chute solutions are our speciality. Whether the focus is on roller conveyors, conveyor belt design or belt systems, WEBAChutes has the solution for bulk material transfer across the mining industry.

  • Gulf Stall Flow Transfer Chute Technology | Gulf Conveyor ...

    Extends belt life as it always soft loads with minimal material boil and no entrapping of ore along the skirt lines. Extreme conditions countered by extremely good design thinking. The design of Gulf transfers chute is based on designing to extremes, with an industry leading understanding of how sub ( .

  • Conveyor Systems and Transfer Chutes

    Since 2004 Gulf Conveyor Systems has been successfully designing materials handling solutions maximising the productivity of assets such as Transfer Chutes.