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    General Comparison Between Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Google Chrome is an established web browser and millions of people have been using this web browser since a long time now. In a simple line, Google Chrome has more features than Microsoft Edge. But, it's not about quantity. It's all about quality or usefulness.

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    Chromite is a derived term of chrome. As nouns the difference between chromite and chrome is that chromite is (mineral) a dark brown mineral species with the formula fecr 2 o 4 while chrome is chromium, when used to plate other metals. As a verb chrome is to plate with chrome. differences between chrome ore and chromite audicoupe

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    Jun 06, 2007 · The different grades of mineral is to distinguish their application. For example, if the ore consists too low Cr2O3, then the only aplication is for chemical use and not (economically) worth to produce chrome metals (which, in practical metallurgy, 40% min Cr2O3 would be the min appropriate).