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    The weapons will be organized into groups by how they are in the Weapons Frog. The groups are separated by the bones with rope around them. So i don't count the see-through bones in the foreground as a start of a new group. I'll also try to link everything to the Castle Crashers Wiki [castlecrashers.wikia] if possible.

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    Binoculars - Grab this item at the end of the Industrial Castle level, after slaying the boss. Boomerang - Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb, and go to the Thief Forest.

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    Key Weapon: Equip the Cardinal Animal Orb in the Full Moon level. Go up when you reach the mountain path, and approach the second hut. Spade: Go to the first desert level. It is in front of you to the left of .

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    Even More Castle Crashers weapons for you Download texture pack now! The Minecraft Texture Pack, More Castle Crashers Weapons! | Bonus Bow and Fishing rod, was posted by TheDusty.

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    In Castle Crashers the corn boss is on the Swamp Village level. It is best to use fire based attacks on him for they are his weakness. You can also eat the corn that flies off of him when you hit ...

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